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Our survival is to create strong living space in a strict environment. Our team is to organize strong teams in struggling rivals.

Strength; our wisdom is to compete and transcend in a strong list.


Office :0476-8210903

Domestic Sales Department:

Sales of ginseng thorn ointment :18665615118

Sales of API/Preparation :0476-8210890

International Sales Department:0476-8210833

Purchasing Department :0476-8210891

QA :0476-8210885

Equipment Department:0476-8210906


Company address: Hongshan, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia

Wan Ze Pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd


Enterprise introduction

CHIFENG WANZE PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. is a comprehensive pharmaceutical company which set scientific research and exploitation, active pharmaceutical ingredients, preparation, food, cosmetics production, processing trade, domestic marketing, international trade as a whole.It is located at No.3,Wanze Road, Hongshan Economic Development Zone, Chifeng,covers an area of 84,000 square meters.

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Office 0476-8210903

Domestic Sales Department

Sales of ginseng thorn ointment 18665615118

Sales of API/Preparation 0476-8210890

International Sales Department0476-8210833

Purchasing Department 0476-8210891

QA 0476-8210885

Equipment Department0476-8210906

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