2017 we need you

Our goal:To be a trusted enterprise

Our individuality:Honor,responsibility,courage

Our style:Excellent in everything we do

Our behaviour:Get along like a friend

1. Obey the distribution, obey the command, and strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the company and the relevant regulations.

2. In charge of quality inspection before the sale of the products.

3. Be responsible for the statistical work of the qualified number of the products.

4. Responsible for the analysis of product rate.

5. Assist in the standard of product quality assurance system.

1. Giving priority to those who have bachelor degree or above and relevant work experience.

2. With good communication skills and service awareness, more than two years of administrative assistant work experience is preferred.

3. Be organized, meticulous, conscientious, responsible and rigorous.

4. Proficient in computer operation and Office office software, with basic network knowledge.

1. Strictly abide by the management system (including safety operation procedures), stick to the production post, not late or leave early.

2. Must be highly concentrated in productionto ensure safety, quality assurance.

3. Obey the command, accept work arrangement;finish the task in time according to the requirements of quality and quantity.

Keep original records and keep them properly for inspection.

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Enterprise introduction

CHIFENG WANZE PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. is a comprehensive pharmaceutical company which set scientific research and exploitation, active pharmaceutical ingredients, preparation, food, cosmetics production, processing trade, domestic marketing, international trade as a whole.It is located at No.3,Wanze Road, Hongshan Economic Development Zone, Chifeng,covers an area of 84,000 square meters.

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Office 0476-8210903

Domestic Sales Department

Sales of ginseng thorn ointment 18665615118

Sales of API/Preparation 0476-8210890

International Sales Department0476-8210833

Purchasing Department 0476-8210891

QA 0476-8210885

Equipment Department0476-8210906

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