Brief introduction of technology R &D Center

In line with the service of new technology, new products, new technology transfer and promotion, in July 2002, the board of directors decided to establish a technology R &D Center.The R &D center has laboratories, research and development departments, and testing and inspection centers.And determine that the center is mainly for enriching the company's product line.Screening of international patents that are due to expire or have expired, and determine the products suitable for the company to develop and declare.Company R & D technology center has a strong technical, professional, excellent team with spirit of teamwork that ensure the development and development of new technology and new products.R &D center and Shanghai Chemical Research Institute, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Inner Mongolia University of Technology established a wide range of technical exchanges and project cooperation, so that new technologies, new products have always been in the front end of the industry.

Professional team

Patent situation

Existing patent: "ginseng thorn ointment" and its preparation method"

5 practical type patents were a cimetidine raw material medicine production wastewater treatment sys

Project completion

1. The preparation method of ginseng thorn ointment was invented .

2. The research and development project of the raw materials and intermediates of Tosufloxacin tosylate was completed .

3. The development and application of nitrendipine new synthesis process was completed .

4. The improvement project of alginic sodium diester process was completed.

5. The project of cimetidine raw medicine production wastewater treatment system was completed .

6. The project of nitrendipine pharmaceutical wastewater treatment system was completed .

7. The system project of recovery of xylene in the synthesis process of guanidine hydrochloride was completed.

8. The treatment system project of producing wastewater from the production of Tosufloxacin tosylate bulk drug was completed.

9. The purification system for the production of sodium alginate was completed.

Enterprise introduction

CHIFENG WANZE PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. is a comprehensive pharmaceutical company which set scientific research and exploitation, active pharmaceutical ingredients, preparation, food, cosmetics production, processing trade, domestic marketing, international trade as a whole.It is located at No.3,Wanze Road, Hongshan Economic Development Zone, Chifeng,covers an area of 84,000 square meters.

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